company profile

Am-Europharma Corporation  is  one of the leading and biggest local manufacturers of ethical drugs and pharmaceutical products, both  branded  and  generic,  in  the  Philippines.  Just  recently,  the  company  has  expanded  its  product  lines to include food supplement products.

It  was  incorporated  and  registered  as  a  manufacturing laboratory in 1977 by its present owners, mainly to provide high-quality primary healthcare medicines at an affordable cost.

Am-Europharma's  thrust  is  geared  towards  quality  service to the public it serves. As such, equipment and facilities upgrade is constantly  pursued  to  enhance  greater  productivity.  At  pace is personnel orientation and training on company procedures and policies for greater efficiency.

These,  the company believes,  are  the  key  elements in cutting a competitive advantage in the ethical drugs and pharmaceutical manufacturing business.

Keeping  in  step  with  the  rapid  development  in  the  pharmaceutical  industry, Am-Europharma Corporation has established its pharmaceutical plant located in Barangay Saimsim, Calamba, Laguna.

This is  an  ultramodern  manufacturing  complex  situated  in a  2.3 hectares lot  with state-of-the art manufacturing, research and development, and quality control facilities.

Support facilities such  as  massive  air  handling  units,  cooling towers,  water  purification  systems  have  been  put  in place to ensure utmost compliance to international pharmaceutical manufacturing standards.

This manufacturing  complex  will  provide  the  evolution of better products portfolio through a comprehensive systems integration, application and operation that can meet not only the pharmaceutical manufacturing global standards, but also create opportunities for expansion and new ventures.